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Currently the Yale Parenting Center team is working on a particular grant.  All of our resources are going in to making this study a success which we hope will be a direct benefit to parents like you in the future.

For parents living outside of CT or those who are not eligible for our current study, please take a look at the following options:

Kazdin Methodsm Video Streams:  We have the core sessions available to you in video streams.  These core sessions are presented to you by our specialist here at the center and come with handouts and charts.  Our specialist will walk you through each strategy and show you the best way to use these techniques.  You will be given the opportunity to practice the skills if you wish - and your specialist will even help you assess how well you did.  These sessions are not live, but still provide you with the chance to practice with some feedback. 

The fee for each video stream is $50.  Your session will come with a password that lasts for two weeks.  In that time you can watch your stream as often as you would like.

*We suggest that you view our video streams in sequential order.

Certified Clinicians:  We have trained many therapists throughout the country and internationally.  These therapists are highly qualified in giving you the same evidenced based strategies that have created significant improvement for nearly 80% of the families who have sought treatment here at the Yale Parenting Center.

Any of these clinicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding fees and appointment times.

Not Eligible, Need Therapy;  You may not have found a certified clinician in your area and feel you or your child need treatment. You can try to find a therapist by contacting your state’s psychological association or the American Psychological Association.  One way you may find this information is by using an internet search engine such as Google. In the search bar, type in your state and Psychological Association. Typically, there is a “find a therapist” link on the site that allows you to look for referrals in your area and the type of treatment they provide.

*The above link will direct you to the nearest psychologist.  Remember to adjust the distance to accommodate a wider selection.

Suggestion Box:  Your feedback is very important to us.  If you are satisfied with a product or service, we hope you share that information with those in your circle and community…and we would love to hear as well!  If you are dissatisfied with a certified clinician or video stream, please let us know.  We ask that you put the product or service in the subject line and then give us your feedback in the comments section.