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Professional Training

Our certified specialists have worked with thousands of families, and have helped parents make significant changes in how they respond to very difficult, often provocative, behaviors.

We teach families many effective strategies through the use of an evidence based treatment called Kazdin Parent Management Training (KPMT).  The strategies our clients learn revolve around the use of positive reinforcement, antecedents, practice, and problem solving.  The treatment greatly improves pro-social behavior as well as decreases children’s oppositional and aggressive behavior.  The treatment and its effects have been documented in many studies and it has a proven 78% success rate. 

Training of KPMT is now available to mental health professionals and educators. We have the following opportunities available online:

Certification; For the individual who wants to be endorsed by Dr. Alan Kazdin as an expert in KPMT and who has the drive to learn the most effective treatment available for children with behavioral challenges.

Basic KPMT; For the professional who wants to learn the core skills of KPMT.  *A prerequisite to KPMT Certification.

Advanced KPMT; For the professional who has already participated in Basic and is interested in learning additional strategies.  Also included are strategic measures in helping clients get past certain barriers to using KPMT. *A prerequisite to KPMT Certification.

We welcome the opportunity to train you or your agency.

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