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Certification in Kazdin Parent Management Training (KPMT)

Become certified in the use of Kazdin Parent Management Training! Learn how to effectively help parents create lasting and beneficial changes in their children. Our certification program is quick and convenient as it is all done online.  We welcome any master level clinician who is interested in learning these cutting edge strategies for difficult behavior.  These strategies are supported by decades of research and have been proven to work.

*We are now accepting applications for the Spring


  • The fee for the entire process from start to finish is $5,000.  This includes all 3 “legs” of training; Basic KPMT, Advanced KPMT, and each of the 10 mock sessions.

What to know:

  • Candidates must have a master’s level degree in mental health.
  • Certification is not necessary to teach your clients these strategies.  It is extremely helpful if behavioral issues are increasingly problematic for many of your clients.
  • The bulk of your clientele should be parents of children between the ages of 6 - 12.  Certification is a financial investment and a commitment in time and energy.  Candidates who seldom work with this population can feel disappointed.
  • Certification is comprised of three “legs” of training; Basic KPMT, Advanced KPMT, and then the certification process which is 10 mock sessions with a certified specialist.
  • 10 Mock Sessions; KPMT is a manualized treatment approach.  There are 9 sessions in KPMT. Each mock session is devoted to helping the candidate to convey the session material to the specialist for on-the-spot feedback.  The 10th mock session is devoted to review and fine tuning.
  • Basic and Advanced KPMT are prerequisites for Certification in KPMT.  You do not need to get certified in this program to participate in Basic and Advanced KPMT.