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Professional Video Streams

Professionals now have access to our prerecorded webinars at any time.  Sold for one month at a time, professionals can now watch, pause, rewind, and fast forward our webinar video streams.  For one month, you receive a password which will give you viewing access.  You will also receive a PDF of the power point that corresponds to your video stream and a free book of charts.

Fee: $450 for the month

Things to know:

  • KPMT is short for Kazdin Parent Management Training.  KPMT is the most effective, evidenced based program out there for children with behavioral issues, including but not limited to Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder.
  • These video streams are meant to replace a live training.  Just as a live training ends when it is over, our video streams cannot be recorded or downloaded.  Additionally, our video streams come with a password that expires after approximately 1 month.
  • CEs are now available from the American Psychological Association for viewing our video streams.  Once a viewer completes a Post Test, they can obtain 1 ce per hour of a prerecorded video stream.  Our video streams are approximately 8 hours in total.
  • For details regarding what you will learn through our Basic KPMT, please click BASIC
  • For details regarding what you will learn through our Advanced KPMT, please click ADVANCED
  • Viewers cannot purchase ADVANCED without purchasing BASIC first, regardless of your training or specialty
  • You must complete our VIDEO STREAM CONTRACT before receiving your video stream and password.
  • CERTIFICATION In KPMT is not a necessary goal for you to view BASIC and ADVANCED KPMT.
  • To get started on your training, simply click on PAYMENT FOR VIDEO STREAMS