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Professional Webinars

Our certified specialist have trained hundreds of professionals within Connecticut as well as throughout the nation as the need for evidence-based treatment grows stronger.

Our training is appropriate for anyone working in the field of mental health or education.  We have worked with psychiatrists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, teachers, and of course social workers and psychologists.  Our goals is to educate and equip professionals with cutting edge strategies that we know can effectively improve disruptive behavioral issues along the continuum.

Join us for one of our webinars - participants find them lively and engaging.   More importantly, they leave with the knowledge and tools to better help the parents and children of their community.

Basic KPMT; Coming this May of 2017! For the professional who wants to learn the core skills of KPMT.  *A prerequisite to KPMT Certification.

Advanced KPMT; For the professional who has already participated in Basic and is interested in learning additional strategies.  Also included are strategic measures in helping clients get past certain barriers to using KPMT. *A prerequisite to KPMT Certification.