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What Professionals are Saying

“One out of the handful (dozens) of best trainings I ever attended!”

“I travelled from California to come to this training and would do it again without question.  I LOVED IT!”

“This was one of the best trainings I have ever been to—very practical, awesome examples, and great role plays! ”

“A great training done in an excellent manner.”

“This is very enlightening and informative.  I’ll definitely use it personally and professionally!”

 “Very well presented, organized, and explained.  Thank you!”

“This training is terrific!  It is useful for personal use as well as professional!  Thank you!”

“Great training…  Lively and educational!”

“The trainers were excellent!  My staff and myself gained a wealth of knowledge from the trainers!”

“All trainers were knowledgeable, engaging, and very helpful!  These were 2 very helpful days!”

“This was a terrific workshop.   As a therapist, this is a solution focused approach that has long lasting results which, in traditional therapy, may take more time without the same results.  I’m really excited to start using this method…”

“The extensive knowledge base and experience of the trainers served to make a stronger training model.  Thank you for sharing all of this with such enthusiasm!”

“The instructors made the training easy to understand and identifiable as well as pleasant.”

“Great to see behavioral system training offered at Yale!”

“Excellent training; well thought out and planned.  Presenters were articulate, animated, and practical in their presentation.”

“This training was extremely well-organized and clinically on-point.  The speakers were very skilled and knowledgeable!  Thank you for a great training, applicable to 2 year olds and up!”

“This course is amazing and extremely practical and useful.”

“This was an excellent presentation—very informative and helpful.”

“I must admit that I was skeptical of coming to this workshop and not sure that it would be useful for my clients.  But, I really found it to be useful, and I will use the acquired skills in the field!”

“It was really terrific, and I came away with concrete strategies and techniques that I can begin to use with parents immediately.  Thank you.”

“This training will enhance my practice greatly.”

“I really liked it.  Keep up the good work.  I’d pat you on the back while saying this if it were in person (positive touch/reinforcement) J”

“Trainers were EXCELLENT.”