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From Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D., Director of Yale Parenting Center

Here at the Yale Parenting Center, we are known for our world-class care and our commitment to disseminating the most effective treatment approaches.  Parenting can be challenging.  There is so much advice, so many opinions, and, like dieting, has fads that are not very effective.  What distinguishes us is having a sensitive and caring program that is well grounded in the latest scientific research.  We do that research and then translate it immediately to procedures that help individual families. We work with two broad groups of children:

·      Children who are having problems related to oppositional behavior, aggression, and disruptive behavior at home and at school.  Many of these children are difficult to manage either at home or at school and often both. 

·      Children with the normal daily challenges such as getting children do homework, comply better with parent requests, eat more nutritious foods, and engage in social behaviors other than those involving the computer.  These children are functioning well and what we can do is make the usual parenting practices much more effective.  

We have provided our services to individual families in New Haven at our Center but also on-line by computer virtually anywhere in the world.  We have worked individually with parents throughout the United States and Canada as well in Europe, South America, and Australia.  Over a period spanning 30 years, we have developed effective procedures to develop positive child behaviors.  Our work has been funded by government agencies and foundations, most notably the National Institute of Mental Health.  This has allowed us to carefully evaluate what we do and obtain evidence about the effects of our procedures so that we could provide these to parents who requested our services.  We worked individually with each family.  We take pride in the fact that we have helped thousands of families over the years.

In addition to our work with children and families, we also work with other mental health professionals.  We have several opportunities to be trained in our intervention techniques.  These opportunities include workshops, webinars, advanced training, and certification.  Our training programs often are provided to agencies, schools, and clinics throughout the United States. 

Because of the work we do we are actively involved with the media on a weekly basis (e.g., newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows, Websites) to consult and comment on parenting issues and challenges as well as violence, bullying, and school catastrophes.  The work that we do has been featured on NPR, PBS, BBC, CNN, and the Today Show.  We have appeared on the Good Morning America, ABC News, 20/20, and Dr. Phil to discuss and demonstrate what we do. 

If you would like any assistance with the normal challenges of child rearing or your child is experiencing difficulties at home or at school, call us.  We can help concretely and in practical ways that make a difference.