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Kazdin Method Sessions

Kazdin Method sm Sessions

Each webinar is approximately 30 to 45 minutes long in length and comes with a PDF of the power point and a free book of charts. 

Each video stream has a limited viewing time of 2 weeks and will come with a password that will expire after 2 weeks.  Viewing time will be extended by 2 week increments for each additional stream purchased at one time.  For example, 1 video stream = 2 weeks, 2 video streams purchased on the same date = 4 weeks.

$50 for each webinar

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Positive Opposites, Prompting, and Positive Reinforcement

The ABC’s of  effective parenting.  It all begins with 3 components; 1) Your directions 2) the behavior 3) Your response.  This recording will give you solid strategies to use as you begin your journey in improving your child’s behavior. 

Point Incentive Chart and Praise

This recording begins with a small review of positive reinforcement before helping the viewer to set up a point incentive chart to help strengthen the behaviors of the child that you want to increase. The opportunity to practice and role play these cutting edge strategies are included. Perfect for home behaviors. Not recommended for school problems.

Time Out

This recording is devoted to helping the viewer use time out effectively. You will learn how to set up the rules for a successful time out consequence and how to respond if your child refuses to go on his own. The opportunity to practice these effective strategies is provided.  *Included are the side effects of harsh punishment.

Attending and Ignoring

The purpose of this recording is to help the viewer learn to decrease various annoyances such as whining, complaining, or pouting by using attending and planned ignoring.


The perfect strategy to help children to consistently tackle a task that has a lot of steps to it. Sure they may know how to do such a task, but it is a daily battle to get them to do it.  The viewer will learn to tackle a problem such as bed time, getting ready for school, or homework (just to name a few) in a systematic way.

Low Rate

This recording helps guide the viewer to the most effective way to deter and respond to very serious problem behaviors without risking side effects of harsh punishment such as increased aggression, a deteriorated relationship with the parent or care giver, or perpetuation of punishment. It is important to only use this strategy if the problem behavior occurs less than once a week.