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Client Testimonials

“The [Yale] Parenting Center gave us hope… This program is a godsend.”

“We will forever be grateful to you for your hard work and years of research that is helping us find peace in our family.”

“We cannot be happier working with Yale Parenting Center.  Our therapist gave us the tools to guide us through the process of dealing with our teenage son.  With her help and guidance we were able to reign him back in and help him feel comfortable telling us the truth no matter what the situation was that he was dealing with – this created positive behavior in him and opened up lines of communication which we would never have thought possible if it were not for the Yale Parenting Center.”

“I have seen such an improvement in my son.  The rewards are effective, great, and AWESOME!”

“Our daughter has become a delightful young lady; we enjoy her so much now!  The change in her is dramatic, she and the other children are so much happier, get along way better, and we can’t thank you enough!”

“This program has helped me to become much calmer.  I learned that I do not need to address all things.  There is a whole lot to be said for letting things go.”

“My therapist was so supportive.  I was worried that my coming to the center would somehow reflect on my parenting and any mistakes I had made along the way.  Turns out, it was never about that.  I just learned to use really helpful ways of handling problems.”

“Wow - Positive Opposites!! Really helped us!!”

“The center helped us break the cycle of constant nagging.  Our lives are much easier now.”

“Didn’t realize how stressful my own shouting was :)”

“The program at the Yale Parenting Center wasn’t easy.  I realized I was parenting on autopilot, just reacting all of the time.  The work I did with my therapist helped me to actually anticipate and plan for my afternoons and evenings with my children.  I gained more control of my day and of my actions!  Thank you YPC!”

“The program at the Yale Parenting Center and my therapist absolutely helped my son at school.  He was sensitive towards other kids and wasn’t good at handling conflict.  We learned how to help him come up with lots of different ways to handle frustrations, disappointment, fear.  Life altering for us.”

“My daughter always struggled with peer groups.  My therapist taught me how I can help her in a systematic way so that she could do it…so that she could succeed.”

“Who would have thought you can practice to do a certain behavior??? We practiced going to bed on time and we used lots of praise when she pretended!! It actually helped!”

“We have been through years of therapy with our son.  Nothing has worked until we finally began the Yale Parenting Center.  Life is happier now, more enjoyable!”